Let Us Show You How The H.O.P.E. Method™ Can Radically Change Your Company Culture, Forever.

Heart. Optimism. Purpose. Empowerment.

Here are just a few ways H.O.P.E.™ will drastically impact your organization...

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Low Employee Turnover

Employee Health & WellBeing

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Higher Levels Of Innovation

Increased Productivity

3 Steps To Activating & Unlocking A Healthy Company Culture

Here's how we can activate and unlock a healthy culture for your organization

Step 1: Indentify The Gap

In order to have an idea where you're going you have to know where you are and what's hindering you from getting there. Our team conducts an exhaustive discovery and interview process to truly understand your current cultural climate, your core values, strengths and weaknesses, issues, and more.

Step 2: Finding H.O.P.E.

Utilizing The H.O.P.E Method™, Joshua and his team custom develop an intensive 90-day program that aligns with your goals. It can include multiple workshops, trainings (both for management and general personnel), procedure/policy consulting, and more, all focused on creating positive, lasting change.

Step 3: Coaching & Support

Joshua and his team remain available for after-program support, coaching, and expert assistance. Further, our programs can be licensed for internal, self-driven training too.

Change Starts Here

for new beginnings!

About Joshua

We Help Companies Create Healthy Environments That Employees Love To Come To.

I know what it's like to wake up and go to a job that doesn't engergize you. Eventually, you hit a ceiling and find yourself asking "is this it for my life?" How did I go from loving what I do to just showing up for a pay check?

Guess what? 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. 73% percent of employees would consider leaving their jobs for the right offer, even if they weren't looking for a job at the moment. The company I worked for didn't prioritze employee, that's how.

So how can your organization escape the "war for talent" and retain your employees so your company can:

  • Avoid losing millions because of disengaged employees who take less responsibility and ownership, and drain overall productivity. 
  • Increase your overall profitability because a healthy company culture can increase revenue by 4X.
  • Create a culture at work that your employees look forward to coming to.
  • Create a sense of meaning at work because employees with  meaningful work spend one additional hour per week working, and take two fewer days of paid leave per year.

Discover how H.O.P.E-ing for the best can radically change your organization below:

Here's How H.O.P.E Can Engage Your Organization.

While our signature corporate service is a 90-day multifaceted engagement consisting of discovery, consulting, presentations, workshops, training, and more, we also offer these services à la carte.



Keynote presentations to create deeper understandings and connections.


This is a longterm solution with a combination of innovative strategies.


Impactful in-person or virtual trainings that go deeper with your staff. 


Bring our signature experiences to your organizatino to Activate your staff!


"Congratulations on receiving the President's Volunteer Service Award, and thank you for helping address the most pressing needs in your community and our country." - President Barack Obama

How Can H.O.P.E.-ing For The Best Radically Change Your Organization?

(H.O.P.E stands for Heart, Optimism, Purpose, and Empowerment)


Did you know that 69% of employees say that they would work harder if they felt better appreciated? Most people say they care for others but unfortunately heart is a skill that is often overlooked. The tools for developing sincere care for others is easy to implement with intenitonality, and we show your people how. It makes a world of difference. 


What would happen if all of your employees viewed each other through the lens of optimism? Optimism doesn't mean that you hope for the best without assessing risks. It means that your employees are trained to see the best in people and opportunities. It means they are involved, enthusiastic and committed to seeing the best in every situation.


Do you know that most companies don't know what drives their employees? Now more than ever, employees seek personal value and purpose at work. People need purpose and vision to stage engaged. They need to be excited about how their personal purpose connects with their role at your company. Without it they're lost. We help them find it.


When employees are engaged, their #1 objective is to contribute to the company’s success. But how can they be engaged if they are not empowered? Empowered employees are trusted and given oppotunity to leadership roles. Most companies don't know how to activate their most talented employees. Therefore they lose them to the highest bidder.



  • A Comedic Storyteller Who's Engaging And Inspirational
  • Joshua has a unique ability to connect with people through authenticity, humor, and visualization. Though attendees have a blast during his presentations, they are also inspired and challenged on an emotional level to go deeper and make powerful mental shifts that bolster their personal and professional success.
  • Diversity Matters
  • Not only does diversity strengthen your company’s culture of teamwork, no matter how diverse your organization is, Joshua can connect with people from all walks of life. Joshua is able to acclomplish this because of his diverse background, he resonates with everyone from executive leadership to entry level interns.
  • Organizations Love Him
  • Joshua and his team are consummate professionals who are focused on making human resource directors and executive and staff job's as easy as possible. They understand the need to be professional and dependable which is why collaborating with organizations is of high important to customize his approach. He honors all personel with no ego and is genuinely a likeable guy from start to stage.
  • He's An Influencer 
  • Joshua has over 180,000 engaged community of people following him on his social media platforms. More than vanity, Joshua and his team are strategic about maintaining a pulse on what's happening in culture and connecting applicable trends to their professional life.
  • He Hosts A Podcast With Celebrities & Experts
  • Not only can employees learn from Joshua on the stage. They can also get continuing education from him and experts by listening to his podcast where he interviews experts in their field who share their story to activate and unlock listeners all over the world!



Corporate Experience

A 1 day experience that will engage your employees and Activate & Unlock their true potential!


Corporate Retreat

A 3 day corporate retreat like no other that will change your company culture and employees FOREVER.

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